How to arrange a romantic evening

For many married couples, family life has become an unfortunate stumbling block: long-term relationships between two lovers are distorted under the oppression of everyday problems, fuss and worries. And now the warmth and awe with which you treated each other go, the passion fades, kisses under the moon are replaced by watching TV or going to the supermarket ... At this point you realize that something needs to change and here help can come absolutely unique thing - romance. It will help to return your feelings and find the forgotten emotional uplift and attraction that you felt at the beginning of your relationship. Today will give some tips on how to arrange a romantic evening for a loved one.

Set up and select the appropriate time

Your mood can be a great stimulus - remember the first date, timid kisses and a pleasant shiver from mutual touch. Today - only he, you and your feelings!

Have a romantic evening on Friday or Saturday - you will not be constrained by the problems of the coming working day, you can afford to stretch the evening until late at night, and a leisurely morning awakening will only reinforce yesterday's tale. The invitation to the evening should be exciting and intriguing! Throw him a love note in his purse or jacket pocket, for example, with the following content: “My beautiful knight! Let your lady free you from loneliness tonight! ». Is it possible that your imagination will not be limited to the Middle Ages?

We arrange a romantic evening: prepare thoroughly!

There are several options for arranging a romantic evening. The simplest of them is a trip to your favorite cafe. It is possible that this is where you had your first date, or you once accidentally ran there for a cup of coffee, hiding from the pouring rain. Such romantic associations will make you even closer and tune in to the right wave. Order your favorite dishes, dance and continue the evening with a walk around the night city. Having had enough, you can go home and continue the pleasant memories closer ...

However, if you want to arrange a romantic evening at home - this is a great opportunity to fantasize, surprise and impress your beloved husband. After all, you are not limited by the views of passers-by and public opinion, so you can safely put on your very sexy dress. But, first, everything is in order!

First, agree with your relatives that you will leave your children with them this evening. Secondly, decorate the house in a special way: candles or fire-hazardous Christmas garlands, fresh flowers, petals, soft pillows, which give the house a special atmosphere of comfort and warmth. Instead of a fireplace, you can easily use nightlights placed around the room or the muted color of floor lamps.

We are looking for a way to the heart!

Arrange a romantic evening for your loved one without a delicious dinner - nonsense, so you have to be a little amorous cook. Vegetable snacks, seafood, salads, cheeses, fruit desserts, etc. are perfect for such a dinner. All meals should be light, as hearty or "heavy" meals at the end of the day can do their disastrous thing - and impose on a man drowsiness, which is not part of our plans. Do not overdo it with alcohol, prefer light alcoholic beverages that will relax, make your head spin, but no more! A bottle of good wine or champagne will be enough for two.

Your knight is on the threshold ...

Rest assured, he was waiting for this moment no less than you! In his hands - left on the doorstep shortly before his arrival, a love message with a map of the route and signs by which you can be found. Candle tracks, bright notes with declarations of love or a list of his virtues, balloons that he will have to burst to get to the next signpost or arrow on the cute things you bought on vacation - it can be anything! Intrigue, mystery and love puzzles - that's why you should definitely arrange a romantic evening at home, the impression of such a pastime remain in men for a long time. The final destination - of course, you!

How to arrange a romantic evening successfully?

We give some recommendations:

  • do not turn on the TV
  • put light unobtrusive instrumental music
  • did not discuss problems at work and family matters
  • compliment each other
  • "Transfer to the past", remembering the happiest moments of your marriage
    buy a symbolic gift for your husband in advance - in the future it will remind him of tonight

Romantic intimacy

The natural end of your evening will be a passionate move to the bedroom. We hope that you have taken care of clean and fragrant linen in advance. Apparently, what you will do there is no secret, but here you can add a little romance and happy moments alone. This game is called "Cubes". You can make two cubes yourself from colored velvet cardboard. Sign the faces of one with different actions: "kiss", "stroke", "lick", etc., mark the boundaries of the other as parts of the body: "lips", "chest", "nose", "ear". Throw the dice in turn and follow the specified algorithm of action - such a game can ignite the most ardent desires.

For those who like to give their life partners incredible surprises, you can arrange a romantic evening with strip dance techniques. Practice these intimate dances in advance - their perfect performance will allow a man to discover new seductive qualities in you. Circling in a slow dance, take a bath with fragrant foam or do an erotic massage - choose your way of seduction and give your loved one an unforgettable night of love!

After such an evening, the rapprochement of souls is inevitable, and your other half will look at you with reborn feelings of love. It is possible that he will want to repeat this action and arrange a romantic evening for you now. Take a look at your handbag, maybe you are already waiting for an invitation? ..

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