How to confess love without words

For all the richness and diversity of the great and powerful n language is not always possible to express their feelings in words. It is especially difficult to find the right words when it comes to love. Often, even a small symbolic gift can say much more than the words "I love you", said more than once. After all, a gift is, first of all, sensitivity, care and understanding. And if the gift is selected with meaning, then its value increases many times over. A site for women slimgoods will tell you how to confess love without words.

How beautiful and original to declare love without words

Choosing a gift with meaning depends, of course, on the individuality of your other half. But not only from the desires and preferences of a loved one, but also from what exactly you put into the words "I love you".
If you want to say that a person is infinitely dear to you, then you can confess your love without words by giving your heart. Is it banal? Maybe if you give a regular pillow in the shape of a heart or a soft toy. But if you give a chair in the form of a heart, then such a declaration of love can hardly be called banal. Every time you sit in such a chair, your loved one will feel your love with his whole body, and almost literally. These comfortable chairs will remind you of your tender embraces and will eloquently tell about your love. For men, the site for women recommends choosing only original gifts for women, however, and vice versa

If you love your partner so much that you can not imagine your life without him or her, then give two items that are harmonious only together. This way you will be able to confess your love without words and express how much you need your other half for happiness. For example, it can be a wall clock or two vases. Look at these objects, they may well exist without each other, but together they form a single whole, which, once connected, do not want to separate at all.

If you passionately want your loved one and want to emphasize it, then the subject, which you can use together and give each other tenderness with it, will perfectly allow you to confess your love without words. The easiest option would be sexy bedding. But a more refined and unusual declaration of love will be a heart-shaped bath. In such a bath, you are probably appropriate together, you can give each other a relaxing massage and enjoy the exciting aroma of the foam.

Are you saying you're ready to go anywhere with your significant other? Buy two pairs of sneakers, painted with confessions of love. One couple will stay with you, and with the help of the second couple you will be able to confess your love without words. Such recognition is as original as it is practical. In addition, if your loved one has a sense of humor, then such a gift he will definitely like!

If you want not only to declare love without words, but also to draw the attention of your loved one to some moments in your relationship, then give a little hint. For example, if your partner is a "strong nut", but you can "bite" him, then give the original heart-shaped nutcracker. The main thing is that your loved one understands you correctly

Declarations of love can be the most unexpected and intricate, because love is so multifaceted and mysterious. Let the meaning of your gift be clear only to you and your loved one. And the closer you are to each other, the brighter and more original will be your confessions of love!

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