How to return a man's love?

Love is a changeable feeling. Sooner or later, she becomes less passionate and romantic than in the early stages of the relationship. Psychologists have even identified certain problematic periods that occur in families. The first year is considered difficult. Then the crisis of relations comes in 3, 7 years ...

Some are stuck in everyday life, in the way of others becomes a mistress-divorcee, and others are simply unprepared for family life. You feel: the relationship has become colder. And you sincerely want to return the love of a man. And the site for women slimgoods will help you with this.

What caused the cooling of relations?

Leo Tolstoy said that every family has its own misfortune. Think about what caused your husband to cool down to you? What does he lack in family life? There may be options:

  • Life has taken root. Everything has become familiar and predictable. The most common cause of relationship cooling.
  • You have changed a lot for the worse. He married a slender romantic girl, and received from his wife a fat, untidy, dissatisfied grandmother.
  • Child. Very often a woman puts her child at the center of the universe, pushing her husband to the background. All your conversations are only about your favorite child. Children's birthdays are celebrated with special splendor, about men's - you barely remember.
  • A man becomes only a tool that provides you and your children financially. In such a situation, the husband fights for attention for a while, then - becomes indifferent, and to his wife and child. He often goes to seek solace on the side
  • He had another woman.
  • He has problems at work. Women want to receive confirmation of love every day. And men in case of problems are closed in themselves. Such is male psychology. You try to "squeeze" a man out of his "shell", accepting silence for lack of love and trust. He closes even more, a scandal erupts ... But love did not pass. Just now is a bad time. You panic in vain. Leave your husband alone for a while, will solve your problems - "return" to this world.

There are other reasons for the cooling of relations. Carefully consider the situation in your family, find the cause and correct the situation.

How to return a man's love? Love yourself!

Where does love begin? No, not from your green eyes, long legs or the most delicious borscht in the world. Any feeling that people around you feel about you begins with your own feelings about yourself.

Agree, to demand from the man that he loved you, in a situation when you do not love yourself, - it is senseless. The problem is that for many girls it is very important that love comes from outside. Only then do they gain self-confidence and begin to love themselves.

But you are not a fifteen-year-old girl with a bunch of complexes and pimples on her forehead. And if you decide to return the love of a man, you must clearly realize that, regardless of the reasons that caused the cooling, your first step on the path to rebuilding a relationship - to love yourself.

Yes, it is difficult not to complex when you feel that your husband is indifferent to you. It is difficult to avoid self-indulgence and finding flaws in yourself if you know that he has another. But it is possible.

Start with your appearance

Caring for yourself, regular care, a good haircut or a new dress, fits perfectly, will cause a good mood, pushing into the background doubts about your attractiveness.

I was interested in books on stervology. Most of these publications are not guides on how to become a bitch. In today's world, the word "bitch" has acquired a new connotation and is increasingly used to mean "ideal woman." In a clever book on this topic, you will find many useful tips on how to become a beautiful, confident, successful, self-loving woman. And beloved by men.

Come up with and write down short affirmative sentences, such as "I love myself", "I am a beautiful and successful woman" or something more original. Study them by heart and repeat as often as possible: when brushing your teeth or drinking coffee, on the way to and from work, in line at the checkout, before bed.

Soon you will feel your shoulders straighten on your own, royal pride appears in your posture, a mysterious smile blooms on your lips, thoughts become more and more self-sufficient ... You begin to feel like a wanted and loved woman. They give you gorgeous bouquets of flowers, cakes to order - culinary masterpieces with your name, surrounded by roses made of cream, sing under the serenade window ... They dream about you, they admire you ...

Our inner state is perfectly transmitted to others, without words or any special actions. Your self-awareness and self-esteem of a beautiful and desirable woman will definitely be felt by all the men around you. And especially a man.

Do you want to return the love of a man? Play on contrasts

Change what has been unchanged for years. Play on contrasts!

Have you always been a brunette? It's time to suddenly become a blonde! Did you cook delicious hearty dinners? Invite a man to have dinner in a cafe! Let him think about what he loses if you stop cooking.

Never knew how to cook? Surprise your husband with a delicious dinner prepared by yourself! Are you burdened by physical intimacy with your husband? Shock him with your wild temperament! If you do not have one - try aphrodisiacs. Is the man practically impotent? Pouring him the pathogen for dinner!

And so on, as far as imagination, courage and means are enough.

The schemes are gone!

To maintain mutual interest, the senses periodically need a jolt. Unexpected scenarios and twists will help you regain your husband's love. You can try to make love in some unusual place. You can go to rest without children (at least on weekends). Or you can ... ask him to take you fishing! Or football.

NLP-ers advise to switch emotions to the opposite with the help of neutral states, such as surprise, confusion. The person does not know what to do in such a situation, and gladly accepts any alternative template reaction that is offered to him.

Offer your husband, instead of the usual reproaches and quarrels, an unexpected joint event. It is desirable - alone or with the opportunity to be alone. After that, he will look at you with completely different eyes. What will be in his new look - depends on your behavior.

Thank your husband for everything he does for you. Admire them. Grumbling, resentment, swearing and other negativity are a thing of the past. Even if a man is guilty of something in front of you, sincerely forgive him. If you want to save the family, of course.

Relationships should be built on the positive. Do you think that there is very little of it in your life? So, create a positive yourself! A loving husband, obedient children, good mood and good appearance - all this is within your power! Return, recreate, find and save.

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