Where to meet a man. sound advice

In our time, when the pace of life is getting faster every day and we have less and less time left, to meet a man with whom you would enjoy spending time is a real problem. And one of the cornerstones here is to choose a place in which the atmosphere would be conducive to acquaintance and its continuation. In fact, you can find your love on the street - it's just a matter of chance, but if you do not want to rely on such an important choice, seriously consider the selection of places where you can meet your chosen one.

Ads on the dating site

The most obvious option for where to meet a man - on a dating site. The undeniable advantage of such sites is the availability of questionnaires there. Just by looking at the information about the person you like, you can learn about him all that interests you. Also, online communication saves time and allows you to talk to the candidate in a pleasant environment for you and for him.

However, this is where there is a great opportunity to make mistakes in man - on the Internet we are not all like in reality. In order to deliberately avoid dating a man who does not suit you, choose paid dating sites - people who signed up for them, probably did it consciously and thoughtfully - because they paid for it - and therefore a chance to find a really serious candidate becomes more.

Meet on the street

As mentioned above - there is nothing wrong with meeting a man on the street, good people do not sit at home, but just on the street and walk In addition, if a man is not ashamed to approach a woman you like in such a crowded place, it already speaks of his courage, self-confidence and unconventional thinking. Unfortunately, there are few such specimens, and if you still met love in this way - most likely, next to you is an open, sociable and free from prejudice person.

Do not be afraid to approach a man you like and ask any question, such as "What time is it now" and "How to get there." Do not forget to be polite and make a compliment - everyone likes it without exception. Thus, the opportunity to meet a man increases.

Start a hobby

A hobby helps you make friends among people who enjoy the same things as you. If you are interested in painting - visit all the exhibitions of interest to you in art galleries - of course, there will be people who like the same as you. Get a dog - and you will have many friends in the neighborhood, where to meet a good man on occasion, too, will not be difficult. Attend seminars related to your profession - a conversation on a controversial topic with a person you like can grow into something more.

If you choose this option, remember: the stronger sex love when they are complimented, agree with them and acknowledge their opinion. Therefore, having a conversation with a man, talk about his competence and be extremely careful in objections. For the same purpose, it is better to look for hobbies in an area that would suit both sexes - if you know the rules of the game of football or understand politics better than your interlocutor, it may confuse him.

Start a relationship at work to meet a man

Another place where you can meet a man is your own office. There are many pros and cons to office romances. Some say that they do not end well, others - that it unites and makes the relationship stronger. The biggest problem here is that you will see your chosen one too often - which is not very good for the relationship. Over time, you will get tired of spending time together, and this can end in a quarrel. The best way out of this problem is to meet a colleague from the next department, where you visit infrequently. Then you can be close at the same time and not bother each other.

But we should not forget that finding a place to meet a man and still meet - one thing, and keep him after that - another, and it is no less difficult.

To make the acquaintance last for some time and not end in one conversation, follow a few rules:

  • Your appearance should attract attention, but at the same time correspond to the situation. Too candid clothes or perfume with a strong smell can be disliked by many - and the acquaintance will not succeed, even if you are a really interesting person.
  • You should seem to a man not only an attractive woman, but also an interesting, competent interlocutor. It is not necessary to agree with everything he says and just tease - unobtrusively offer your reasoned point of view on the issue so that the interlocutor wants to continue the conversation.
  • Every woman should have a mystery. Do not try to "dump" on the candidate all the information about yourself at once - let him ask questions about you, take an interest in yourself.
  • Be more natural. When in the evening you wash off your make-up and take off your high-heeled shoes, stop flirting and remove all the public luster, you will be completely different. You look simpler - otherwise a man will fall in love not with you, but with your image, and your true personality will disappoint him.

And a few more options for where to meet a man

  • On the street: "unintentionally" run into him and spill the contents of his handbag. Naturally, he will start to help you collect, and there word for word ... It is possible, still "to turn a leg", to prepare imitation of easy road accident, to ask you to take a picture against something, to address with the request to show the way, etc.
  • Noticing that a nice man calls a taxi, pretend that she also wanted to take him. Ask permission to go together.
  • Maintain the image. Dress and behave like the people you want to meet.
  • In the company of friends. Do not stay at home if there is an occasion to go to a party or birthday, especially to an event where new people are expected to arrive. Never sit with a beech tree, joke and have fun, dance and even get a little drunk (but better pretend) and get attached to someone. At parties, long and serious relationships are often established. Don't waste time on men who come to a party with their wife or girlfriend. Repulsing anyone is a nervous and tiring thing.
  • Settled in a large house with a reading room, a rooftop pool, where video intercoms are installed and well-off men live
  • Sign up for the tourism or cycling section. In addition to many male friends, you will get a fresh complexion and a good figure. An interesting way to meet a man, isn't it?

Still wondering where to meet a man? One of the best ways to meet a man is a car that for some reason does not want to go, of course, your car. Men-motorists will stop to help the beauty.

So, the question of "where to meet a man" is solved - you need to choose a job, build a vacation so as to be constantly among people, of which at least half (or better more) - men.

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