How not to bore a man

"Honey, where have you been? Why didn't you call? Pusechka, can I help you? Bunny, I know you're sick! Just don't be silent! Oh, did I say something wrong again? Well, where are you going, pig, because I love you so much! »

She slams the front door, and the one left alone with her love is still wondering what she did wrong. The woman is unaware that she has just encroached on the most sacred thing - men's freedom, independence and the right to be alone. How often this female concern irritates men!

How not to bore a man? Give him more freedom!

It is not clear why some quotes from ancient legends ("They became one, their hair and breath mixed") and modern cartoons ("I care about you!") We perceive as a direct guide to action. But is it worth shutting off oxygen and spending as much time together as possible? That for us is a manifestation of love, for men - a rude attempt to control his whole life. They prefer the wording "I flew, but promised to return."

Whether we like it or not, every man, regardless of the depth of his feelings, feels a natural periodic need to move away from his beloved. Just to then enjoy the return. And do not think that you are "to blame". Men often do this unconsciously.

To describe this pattern of behavior, you can use the solid word "archetype" and recall the times when a woman was waiting for a man - a hunter who went hunting for prey, or imagine a children's toy - yo-yo, slingshot, boomerang Australian aborigines or, at least, ordinary rubber harness. He is nearby, then suddenly disappears from view, then also suddenly returns, as if nothing had happened!

What do we do to bore a man?

A woman distances herself from her husband for much more serious reasons and is therefore confident that she must do everything in her power to "bring back" her husband. Check yourself!

* Have you ever "harassed" a man who tried to hide from talking to you in another room? Did you follow him?

* Have you experienced looking at how he moves away from you emotionally? Did you feel sorry for him?

* Did they make an "offended" face when they realized that the man was about to "disappear"?

* Have you ever tried to "play" on his guilt by asking questions like "Well, how can you treat me like that?", "Why are you ignoring me", "What's happening to you?", "Don't you understand? how hard is it for me when you lock yourself in? ».

* Did you step on your throat with your own desire to become so perfect that your husband wanted to be with you always?

If you answered "Yes" at least once, you have chosen the wrong strategy. The sooner you "chase" a loved one, trying to shorten the distance, the faster he runs away, - warns the author of the bestseller "How to save love or Men from Mars, women from Venus" John Gray.

Worse can be a typical female "punishment" for fleeing. Everyone knows that a woman should be proud (though it is not clear to whom she should be) - and now dissatisfaction is written on the cute face and a well-known dialogue sounds something like this:

- Lyuba, I'm back!

- I could not come back at all!

It is not necessary to voice these thoughts aloud, but the essence of what happens from this does not change.
How not to bore a man? Take care of yourself!

Remember, a man who has been deprived of the opportunity to "break away" or aroused remorse by manipulation, automatically loses the opportunity to feel how much he needs a loved one.

In order to calmly experience such periods of alienation, you need to be a self-sufficient person, not to dissolve in the relationship, losing your "I" and be able to find decent occupations during his absence.

Rejoice in the opportunity to deal only with yourself, waiting for the decline of his attention. Here are some ideas to help you!

* Do an exercise to raise self-esteem. Proved: for those who love themselves, life is easier.

* Explore variations of basic sexual positions in solitude, then move from theory to practice together.

* Do a Chinese massage for beauty and health.

* Prepare something delicious - the path to a man's heart through the stomach has not been canceled.

* Do not cook anything, go to the store and buy yourself something small and nice, not necessarily expensive!

* Discuss his behavior on any forum. There you will probably be given one hundred and one pieces of advice and listened to.

* Try to create a new image with the help of screen stars and makeup. To maintain male interest, a woman must be different!

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