Forgive the betrayal or not?

The facts show that almost every third woman experiences betrayal of her partner. And everyone reacts in their own way: someone forgives, someone breaks off the relationship, someone tries not to react, explaining it by the fact that, say, men have such a breed.

Causes of male betrayal

Most often, men begin to change when there is monotony in the relationship, love goes, and sex becomes routine.

The husband changes both when everything is good (so much so that there is nothing to worry about!), They change, and when everything is bad (his wife always grumbled).

Men's favorite excuse - I'm a woman! I'm like that, I have such a breed. And there is only one way out - either to put up with it, or to divorce, so as not to tolerate these humiliating betrayals.

But most men betray when they stop feeling like the head of the family. The wives of such husbands constantly teach them, read notations and point out mistakes. So he goes to his mistress to feel like a man again.

You can forgive betrayal. In which cases?

Even if you intend to forgive betrayal, first think about how you will live? Will you be able to forget about it and live as before?

1. Betrayal can be forgiven if a man, taking care of your feelings, hides from you the fact of betrayal. Maybe he'll get better if your life together takes a second breath. You just bored each other.

2. Forgive betrayal for the sake of children? Someone does. After all, they must have a father, just like everyone else.

3. You can try to forgive betrayal if the traitor apologizes and feels guilty. A good prevention for him will be parting for a couple of months, and without any contact. Show how disgusting it is to you, and maybe it will change and it will not happen again.

4. Forgive betrayal if it was a rage - after a quarrel or after a large amount of alcohol. Yes, it is unpleasant, but many are forgiven.

Forgive the betrayal? For nothing!

When not to forgive betrayal? If you are treated indifferently, do not hide your actions. Respect is gone. Why tolerate such a relationship?

It is impossible to forgive betrayal if a person swears allegiance to you and walks behind you. This is a real betrayal!

Just do not show your feelings when parting! Let him be sure that parting was easy for you and you have been dreaming about it for a long time!

How to divorce after betrayal

Do not cry and do not be humiliated! You do not need to tell everyone about it at once, especially girlfriends! Have a sense of pride! Because if you then reunite with your loved one, then, knowing such details of your life, others will only smile!

In no case do not ask to tell details! Believe me, you will not be able to forget it! Once you imagine how he caresses her, you will no longer be able to be with him!

Forgive the betrayal. And survive.

Talk to your husband. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. Try to correct yourself. But immediately put an end to it and - once again you will not get it. Forgiving once, you're not going to do it all the time!

In general, the moment of betrayal is better to arrange before the wedding. In this case, the risk of betrayal falls significantly.

Well, do not forget about yourself - watch your figure, appearance, be interesting to your husband and best mistress, then the question of "forgive betrayal or not" will never visit you.