How to understand that a man is cheating

Nothing in the world is eternal, including love. You know very well that over the years the passion subsides, and you do not attach much importance to it. After all, a stable calm relationship has developed with her husband, children are growing up. In short, outwardly - a completely happy family.

It seemed that until recently there were romantic dates, a solemn ceremony in the Wedding Palace, lit by numerous flashes - there was a photo and video of weddings, Mendelssohn's waltz, flowers, wishes ... Yes, passions have subsided, but you're fine, you respect each other , you have so much in common.

And suddenly you notice that the man no longer leaves the phone in a prominent place, as before, but constantly carries it with him or set a password for access. Too often he was late for work. Sex with him increasingly resembles duty.

You ask yourself: does a man have another? Your husband's behavior seems extremely suspicious to you. Here he has again an unexpected meeting until ten o'clock in the evening. Here came the text message, and he was removed to the bathroom so that no one would interfere with his answer. Here you find long hair on the car seat, which can not be yours ...

Suspicions grow into mania. You are watching a man with the tenacity of an old police searcher. The problem is that all the traditional "facts" and "evidence" by which women try to understand that a man is cheating can be interpreted in two ways.

How to understand that a man is cheating?

Here is a standard list of suspicious points and alternative explanations for them:

  • Women's hair in the car or on clothes. To determine for sure whether a person's hair left at the crime scene can be considered an argument for proof of guilt, forensic scientists once conducted an experiment: tracking the path of a hair inadvertently lost somewhere in a public place. The journey of the "object of observation" turned out to be so long and unexpected that even the experimenters themselves were surprised. So hair is not proof. They can be picked up anywhere.
  • The smell of women's perfume from a man. If you are visited by a friend who is very fragrant, you probably notice that after her departure in the room is the smell of her perfume. The man's excuse that the smell of women's perfume on his jacket is the fault of an employee who does not know the extent of anything can be true. It is impossible to understand exactly what a man betrays by the smell of perfume, traces of lipstick on the cheek or other "cosmetic" signs.
  • Loss of interest in family, children. It can be caused by problems at work that the man does not want to dedicate you to, as well as the loss of his favorite sports team
  • Passivity in bed, chilling to you as a woman. Difficult situation at work, health problems, a period of decline, depression - a lot of reasons.
  • Systematic delays allegedly at work. Paradoxically, it is also impossible to understand that a man is betraying just this fact. How do you like this explanation: there are prospects for a high position, and your husband is working hard to show himself to his superiors at his best?
  • Frequent exchange of SMS messages with an unknown recipient, or correspondence on the Internet. Suspicious, but also not the fact that there is betrayal. A man can really communicate with a colleague about a new project. And what does not show you an SMS or a window with messages ... Do you like it if your correspondence (even working) will be read, and even with a fighting spirit "here I am now to expose you"?

So how not to be mistaken?

No matter how much suspicious evidence you have gathered, one thing is clear: there are only two ways to establish the fact of betrayal:

1. Find a man with a mistress.
2. Achieve sincere recognition.

The second way is not very pleasant. After all, if a man is not ready to break off the relationship, it is unlikely that he willingly admits to you that changes. "Squeezing out" recognition is an even worse option. Nerves, scandals, insults ... If your husband remained faithful to you, your futile suspicions, you risk ruining the relationship forever

One thing remains - to catch the traitor on the hot. How to do it?

How to track treason?

If a man does not take women to your house, then you need to follow him. It is not always convenient. But you can contact a detective agency. There are many such companies, especially in large cities. And watching unfaithful wives is their main bread.

What do you get from detectives? Detailed report on how, where and with whom your husband spends time. Usually the report is accompanied by photographs taken along the entire route of the "object of observation". In this case, photography in Moscow and other cities is conducted by detectives so as to capture all the places visited by the object, the people he meets, etc.

Detectives organize materials by dates and times. Since observation and filming are conducted by completely uninterested people, you can be sure of objectivity.

The agency's staff also performs video recording in Kyiv and the regions. Usually the shooting is not the whole route, but in the most important situations that establish the fact of betrayal.

Of course, one can argue for a long time about the morality of such a step as watching a loved one. But in most situations to understand, establish and prove that a man is cheating, you can only with the help of detectives. In any case, it's better than ruining the lives of yourself and your husband with suspicions (perhaps unfounded), quarrels and clarifications of the relationship.