6 ways to keep a man from betrayal

No matter how hard you try, you can't get rid of the instincts inherent in nature. And nature has made men polygamous. No matter how much you order that the union of a man and a woman presupposes fidelity to the last days of life, they are still, who in thought, in deed, will strive to live a full life.

And if it is impossible to overcome instincts, then direct in the right direction, use for peaceful purposes and keep a man from betrayal under the power of every intelligent woman.

We turn knowledge into weapons

TOP-6 ways to keep a man from betrayal

1. It is known that a man loves with his eyes. He is constantly looking for diversity. It doesn't have to be a different woman. Different poses and caresses, role-playing games and changing situations. As long as a woman is not fully studied, she arouses desire in a man. This period can last from 2 to 7 years. The brighter the relationship, the longer. At this time, the man deliberately avoids betrayal. Not because of high moral principles, but solely for the reason that at home it is good to feed a variety.

2. When the novelty of sensations dulls, there comes a period under the slogan "As a wolf does not feed, he looks into the woods." By this time, a woman needs to understand one important thing. A man betrays the OTHER, a woman betrays the BEST. And do not equate male and female betrayal. For a man, intimate relationships and love - the concept of each other does not follow. For him, sex on the side - sports, entertainment, hunting, anything, but not love. There is, of course, love, but in this case to keep a man from betrayal simple tricks will not work.

3. If you feel that the passions subside, you can loosen the leash. It is not necessary to release a man on all four sides, but to make a tragedy from an occasional jump to the side is not the most sensible decision. The second way is to change yourself. Radically change your style. It is enough for someone to dye their hair and become a naive blonde instead of a hot brunette. Someone will have to work on the figure, losing extra pounds. Husbands prefer attractive wives to be proud of. In spite of everything, staying attractive is another effective way to keep a man from betraying.

It is good to find an interesting hobby and a new circle of communication. We ourselves get bored if a man "hangs" at some level of development. Diluting life with new hobbies and emotions, we develop ourselves and continue to interest our partner. A man must see a woman completely unknown to him and want to conquer her.

4. It is possible to keep a man from betrayal not by notations, but by active actions. It is known that sweet is the forbidden fruit. Allow your loved one to spend time once a week, anywhere and with anyone, without further reporting. The first thing a man will do, no, is not to run "on women", but to think about why such loyalty in the relationship. He will begin to speculate that he has fallen out of love, and will suffer from fits of jealousy.

5. A husband seeks from the family to the company of friends, if the wife could not become his companion: not interested in his interests, does not share a love of football or fishing, does not try to accept his understanding of leisure. The man runs into the company of men, and from there to another woman. He needs to be himself at least sometimes, and not play the role of a decent family man. Less Press your husband, share his interests, and the desire to relax away from you will occur in his head much less often.

6. Man - a creature in love. It develops best where it is praised, appreciated, proud of. Guaranteed way to keep a man from betrayal - admiration. Meet him with joy, avoid quarrels and conflicts. Any dispute can be resolved peacefully and kindly. Create an atmosphere of adoration in the family and your husband will not go anywhere. They do not seek good from good.