Why do men betray?

Well-known Polish writer Magdalena Samozvanets, the author of numerous interesting aphorisms, once added to their list: "Curiosity is the first step to betrayal." Perhaps this is the answer to the question of why men cheat on their wives? And the fact that adultery is a very common phenomenon in our society has been proven by many studies that have shown sad statistics - about 80% of men cheat on their wives at least once in their lives. And all of them are driven by curiosity? Of course not, because Magdalena called it only the first step to betrayal.

It's so changeable!

So, let's imagine the situation as a fait accompli - your husband changed you. It will not be easier from the common belief that all men betray. There is no need to rush to blame the newly made donjuan. It is better to think why such trouble happened. And most importantly - how not to plunge into the swamp of depression, otherwise you risk being in an even more difficult situation, losing a loved one.

But the betrayal could have been accidental! In addition, it is your behavior that will determine whether a man wants to leave you and whether he will change further.

Difficulties of living together. Why do men betray?

At the expense of the fact that all men betray - this is probably an overkill, but the fact that there are thousands of such offended by betrayal, even tens of thousands - that's for sure. So what do the "boys" lack? In fact, there are many reasons for betrayal. Here are just the most common:

  • Curiosity, the need for novelty.
  • The desire to assert itself, to gain new impressions.
  • Everyday life, neglect of his wife.
  • Dissatisfaction with sex.
  • Meeting with first love.
  • Revenge on his wife.
  • Pregnancy or morbidity of the wife.
  • Random circumstances.
  • Elementary boredom in a relationship.

Quite often men betray because of banal boredom and dissatisfaction. Sometimes, women themselves push men to adultery: most likely a man will change if you:

  • monotonous and boring (including in bed);
  • focus only on what you feel yourself;
  • too egocentric (having fun, do not want to answer the same);
  • do not watch your appearance;
  • have a quarrelsome nature;
  • often deny him intimacy.

Well, in fact, this list can be made for a long time. If we consider as the reason why men betray, their desire for self-affirmation, the number of such "victories" are needed only by those who have not achieved the desired success in life or career. Often the ambitions of such members of the stronger sex do not go away and they will try to compensate for them with achievements in the intimate sphere. And in this case, the wives are left with three options: in fact, inaction (reconcile), divorce or try to help her husband achieve the desired.

Little fire, little love

This reason for male betrayal deserves special attention, because according to statistics, male dissatisfaction in sexual terms is second on the list of betrayals. And on the first, if anyone is interested, boredom. So what do women do if men betray them?

First of all, to find out once and for all that lethargy in a love affair with a man is a time bomb. A man should feel not only necessary, but also desirable! Moreover, at any time of day or night. So, to dispel boredom in the relationship, and at the same time warm them up with their initiative.

Spontaneity in lovemaking is one way to show that a woman is ready to put everything off for the sake of her husband. Having spontaneous sex, the husband receives confirmation of his inviolability and love of his wife. Thus, interesting and rich sex between spouses will reduce the risk of adultery by almost half.

The man compares

Another popular reason why men cheat is their wife's inattention to their appearance. We have already mentioned this above, and now we want to dwell on this topic in a little more detail, because this reason is quite common. Here, in fact, everything is simple, just put yourself in the place of a man.

Imagine working with him. She is the happy owner of a fresh manicure, beautiful hair, sweet smile .... work. Or maybe even collect a suitcase and roll to the beauty.

Isn't it better to maintain your resilience in combat readiness so that a man doesn't even think about betrayal (at least for this reason)?

However, betrayal is unpredictable. We are not allowed to know when and why a man suddenly decides to betray. Whether there are reasons for it or not, it is more important to be able to properly assess the situation, act wisely and just be able to listen and forgive. Even if the result of betrayal is separation