How to keep up?

In our modern world, women lack another pair of hands, eyes and preferably a few extra hours a day. After all, there is a catastrophic lack of time! How to keep up? And career, and family, and self-care, and a man need to devote time! And all this fuss is very exhausting, turning into stress and lack of sleep.

To keep up - save time

To do this, try:

  • Keep everything at hand at work - pens, notebook, the most important documents.
  • Organize order not only at work, but also at home. When you know exactly where something lies - it saves time searching
    If you are still looking for a job, look for it closer to home. Especially if you live in a big city, where the daily travel time is 2-3 hours!
    Place your child in a nearby school / kindergarten.
  • To keep up, rent (buy) an apartment in a convenient location, where in two steps will be 24-hour shops, fitness centers, parking lots, schools.
  • Reduce time for daily trips to the store. Make a rule - shop once a week and thoroughly, and the most necessary perishable products to buy in the evening in the store, where there are fewer queues. Also, remember - you have helpers: a husband, grown children or parents who live with you.

How to keep up? Little tricks

And if you follow these little nuances, you will be surprised how much time you can save. See:

1. Teach the child to clean toys (room), iron, etc. Now you have about 1 hour of free time per week! It will be necessary to make more efforts to accustom the child to the order when the turning points of the child's life occur, for example, crisis 3 years, crisis 7 years, transition age (13 years). Children are especially naughty at this time, but if you, as a mother, insist on your own and teach your child to be independent, you will have more time for other things!

2. Turn on the TV only to watch a specific program. When the TV works for the background, you are always distracted by it - you will be attracted by advertising, a new video, and it takes up to 3 hours a week!

3. Try to get a short haircut so as not to waste time on styling. If this is not for you - do chemistry, with it you will need less styling tools to look charming. As a last resort, learn how to make a ponytail, but wrap your hair in a hair band. So the ponytail will look unusual and very stylish, and this hairstyle will take you only 5 minutes!

4. Use services where you can make an appointment for a certain time (solarium, dentist, gynecologist and other services). In this case, you do not have to sit in line

5. Make a plan for tomorrow in the evening. This way you will not lose sight of anything and it will save you nerves and time

6. On the phone, talk briefly and on the case. For conversations with friends "about nothing" plan time for the weekend or weekend.

And how to keep up at home?

Unfortunately, household chores never end, and our men could pay us extra for that ... But, perhaps, such is the fate of women. And to keep up with the house, use the Fly Lady system, which we will write about.

In short, the essence of it is to take homework for 15 minutes a day. For example, today you take the kitchen and bathroom, and tomorrow you clean the toilet and disassemble the closet in the hallway. In general, do not try to do all the housework in one day!

Ask your neighbors for help, at least basic - to take out the trash, wipe the dishes, peel the potatoes for dinner Remember - in your family you are to some extent the leader. Therefore, feel free to delegate authority to those households who are doing well with the task!