How to make a wish come true. method of information

Today a real miracle awaits you. This miracle is called Information. This is not a mistake. Please do not confuse with affirmations, ie with positive statements. What is Information and what is their difference from Affirmation. So, how to make the desire come true with the help of information?

Apparently, today, thanks to Louise Hay, everyone knows that affirmations are positive statements about what we want, expressed at the present time as if the wish has already come true. Here are examples of traditional affirmations: "I am rich, successful and healthy", "I am the most charming and attractive", "I am a money magnet", etc.

It is believed that positive statements contribute to the alignment of our consciousness with our subconscious. And at the moment of saying the affirmation, our mind begins to move towards what we declare. However, the experience of many, many people who first used affirmations and then despaired of them, tells us that the desired movement towards the goal in the mind does not happen. And what happens instead?

And the conflict is happening! The mind begins to doubt the spoken words and ask their questions. Many women told me how, standing in front of a mirror, they said, "I am the most charming and attractive, I am the most charming and attractive." "And suddenly the question came to my mind, 'Who? Me? Nonsense! I'm a complete fool!'

Then there was an attempt to plug this question far away and further spells and self-persuasion: "I'm the most charming and attractive, I'm the most charming and attractive." And so to a new question in my head: "What are you doing here? and a monster! "After such impudence in his own head, one of the women was still trying to recite his mantra for a week or two, but sooner or later everyone gave up and unnoticed began to twist their usual thought:" Why am I so stupid and a loser? "

Would you say I'm lying? Don't you? Are you a strong and positive person like Louise Hay? Can you impose your statements on the mind and he obediently repeats them for a year? Then where are the results?

Why does the affirmation method not work? Want to know? And because the mind is an eternal mechanism has long been a question! Our minds do not care what questions to ask, it is designed to SEEK ANSWERS! And he will always find the answer to his question. And he will assert himself in his answer. Therefore, the mind must be given a task not to affirm those who wish, but to wonder why the WISH HAS ALREADY BEEN FULFILLED.

Let's take the example above: "I am the most charming and attractive." Now, instead of saying, say out loud, "Why am I the most charming and attractive?" What is the feeling? It is necessary! The mind is now preoccupied with finding the answer to this question! You know what is most strange? It will find confirmation of the question. This means that the reality around you will begin to change.

The method of long-standing positive questions was invented by Noah St. John. Standing in the shower, he asked himself, "Why are we walking around so close, making statements we don't believe in?"

How to make the desire come true?

Noah St. John created the method of Information - a method of long-standing POSITIVE QUESTIONS.

Instead of asking yourself negative questions, start asking yourself positive questions!
- Why am I so rich?
- Why does everyone support me in my endeavors?
- Why do I love and everyone loves me?
- Why am I so confident?
- Why do opportunities come to me so easily?
- Why do I have enough?

How do you feel when you say these questions? Isn't it true that issues that give strength and power focus your attention on what you want, not what you don't want, and don't provoke internal protest like affirmations. The natural answers to these questions will be answers that give a sense of self-esteem, love and self-confidence.

How to make the desire come true? Make good information

Determine what you need and write it down. You've probably done this before. For example: "I want to be happy, healthy and rich." Formulate from your will a question from which it follows that what you want has already been done: - "Why am I so happy, healthy and rich?"

Test your question on common sense and literalism. In our example, everything seems to be fine, but you need to check your questions very carefully, because this is a very strong method. For example, in the question "Why do I have a healthy liver (and anything)?" There is a dangerous ambiguity - the word "healthy", which in addition to health also means "very large" (which for the liver is just a sign of ill health). Therefore, use the words "healthy" and "healthy" very carefully.

Ask yourself this question and do not expect an immediate direct answer. Let your mind search for the answer. You will get the answer through events, life situations and fruitful ideas.

Start ACTING ON THE BASIS OF YOUR NEW ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT YOUR LIFE. Find out and welcome any positive changes. It is useless to bubble out information and at the same time to continue self-destructive behavior. One of the secrets of fulfilling desires is action. By acting, you demonstrate to the Universe your intention to move in the chosen direction.

The point of the information method is to immediately shift your focus from what you don't have to what you have. By teaching the mind to be in abundance and prosperity all the time, you force the LAW OF GRAVITY TO WORK ON ITSELF!

To make a wish come true, you need to do 2 things:

  • Determine what you want. That is to set a goal.
  • Find confirmation that you are ALREADY wherever you go. As they say, turn the goal into a means to an end. And to do this, free your feelings, emotions and feelings from doubt, uncertainty and disbelief. Simply put, YOU NEED TO BELIEVE, GUYS!

Only your mind does not believe. Get it right. Let him seek confirmation of your faith. Use whatever you want for your faith. And the method of information helps a lot. Helps get started!

I wish everyone easy to find confirmation of their success on the way to their goals!

And why am I so happy ?!