How to become a confident woman?

A sense of confidence allows people to achieve a lot in life, allows you to live a fuller and more interesting life, helps to establish good business and personal relationships. Proper behavior will help you become more confident in yourself and in your abilities

Here are some tips to help you become a confident woman (we will only consider the outward signs of confidence).

So, to become a confident woman, you first need to look confident. We will talk about this today.

To be a confident woman, watch your posture

First of all, people pay attention to a person's posture, so you need to straighten up. A stooped posture evokes less confidence than the posture of a person with straight shoulders, a straight back and a high head. Some tips:

  • Straighten up! Do not "cross" from foot to foot and do not lean on just one leg, otherwise it will make you feel insecure.
  • Tighten your ass! Tighten your buttocks - this will be a strong foundation for your straight spine and your confident posture.
  • Straighten your back!
  • Raise your head! To achieve a beautiful, confident posture, your head and neck must be in the correct position.
  • Look "face to face" and do not lower your head down when talking to someone.

Gait will help you become more confident

Your move is your calling card. Some have an evil, aggressive gait that seems to say, "Get out of my way." In others, the gait seems to be whispering: "Don't pay attention to me." People have a shuffling gait, and bouncing, dancing or galloping. You can achieve a move that speaks of your confidence in the following ways:

  • You should have a good posture - high head, straight shoulders and straight back.
  • Take a step by placing your foot at a distance convenient for you.
  • Take the same and even steps - not too slow and not too fast.
  • Let your hands move freely and naturally.

Sit up straight

Just as it is important to stand up straight, you need to sit so that you have confidence. Sit down to occupy the entire chair. Straighten your spine, leaning on the back of a chair. Move your shoulders back and relax your arms by placing them on your armrests or knees. If you feel that you are beginning to gradually return to your normal stooped state, then do not forget to move further back into the depths of the chair. Stretch along the back and do not forget to keep your head high.

To be a confident woman, watch your hands

Your hands should hang relaxed at the sides. And although gestures are necessary, but too frequent gestures are distracting. People may think that you are in a hurry, that you are uncomfortable or that you are angry.

To control your gestures - you need to use them consciously. If you notice that you are gesturing too much when you speak, try to reduce your movements. If you realize that you are doing something wrong, it will be easier for you to correct your shortcomings.

If you do not know where to put your hands, then act like kings: they often keep their hands behind their backs when standing or walking. Such behavior is usually perceived as confident and authoritative.

Look in the face

You do not need to torture the interlocutor with a look "face to face" constantly, every second. This can be confusing. You need not only eye contact, but also face contact. That is, first look into the eyes for a few seconds, then look down at the nose of the interlocutor, after a couple of seconds look at his mouth. Now look at the whole face. Your interlocutor will think that you are listening to him very carefully. Most likely, he will think that you are very interested, and you catch his every word. This technique also helps to soften your look, and you will give the impression of a nice, friendly person.

A smile will help you become a confident woman

It is known that a smile says a lot. Don't be afraid to be the first to smile at a person. And don't be offended if you don't get the same response to your smile. Many people are so immersed in their problems that they may simply not notice it. Don't be offended, just smile sincerely. Somehow a smile softens your words, but at the same time leaves them in your memory for a long time.

Dress strictly

As the saying goes - "not a dress beautifies a person." However, our clothes affect our well-being. If you look bad, it affects your behavior. Therefore, pay enough attention to your appearance.

Finally, pay attention to confident people. What do they look like? What do they do? How do they behave? What are they saying? You can watch them and copy their actions.

If you follow all the recommendations, you will definitely succeed!