Dreaming is not harmful

"When you fantasize, do not limit yourself in your fantasies" - this is what Mr. Borshchevsky once said in the club of experts, and he was absolutely right.

Fantasies are necessary for your psyche as well as oxygen to support life, but only if it is a fantasy with a plus sign. Isn't it harmful to dream?

Dreaming is not harmful! Dreams also help you:

1. Learn to think creatively

By fantasizing, you insure your brain against straightforwardness. After all, unconventional solutions are permissible in fantasies. In order to always find a way out of a difficult situation, psychologists advise to devote at least 15 minutes a day to a simple exercise. Set yourself any, the most obsessed goal: to fly into space or sing a duet with Kirkorov. And then figure out how to achieve this without magic wands. After a couple of months of training, the question of the boss "How to become a leader in the production of frying pans" will not stun you.

2. Expand life horizons

Airplanes and TVs, not to mention mobile communications and the Internet, have also recently been just someone's fantasy. Some find it unrealistic to learn at least one foreign language. This is how a person is arranged: he achieves no more than 80% of his boldest desires. That is, drawing a ceiling from a three-room apartment and $ 600 a month, the maximum that you can count on - $ 500. and a modest "kopeck piece". Dreaming is not harmful!

Forget the words "it's unreal!". If anything prevents the implementation of ideas, such attitudes. Don't be ashamed to want the maximum. Yes, you need rich, beautiful, smart and gentle! Yes, you want to celebrate Christmas in the Maldives and live in a spacious mansion. Fantasies help to learn a useful idea: you can do everything until you say to yourself - "I can not".

3. Create the future by changing the past

It is effective and useful to come up with not only a happy future, but also a new past. Most of our reactions and actions are due to experience. If you've always been a gray mouse, longing for bright girlfriends, it's hard for you to take a leading position on the board of directors or enchant that brunette. A solid legend about your alternate past will help you become one. Only it is necessary to tell it not to the dark stranger and not to personnel officers. This legend is for you and those of your loved ones who want to support you. In your other life, not only can you endow yourself with missing qualities, you must convincingly tell yourself exactly how you acquired and used these qualities. For greater efficiency, come up with a new name and make sure you have a happy childhood "there". After all, age up to three or five years is the most important stage in the formation of personality. Therefore, in this case, dreaming is not harmful!

4. Make expectations pleasant

A long road or aimless walking around the apartment waiting for a phone call has a negative effect on the psyche, if it's time to waste. But if you use every pause to get positive emotions - it's a different matter. Exciting reading, meditation and fantasy are also suitable. About a vacation on the ocean shore, about how your loved one presents you with a ring from Cartier or how the authorities congratulate you on your promotion. "Just fantasies," you say? Look at yourself in the mirror after 10 minutes of such dreams! To do this, and dream is not harmful!

5. Feel the joy

This is not surprising - because our endocrine system does not care whether you really put your face to the sea breeze on board the yacht or imagine it so clearly that you feel the breeze on your cheek. Pleasure centers are activated in any case, giving the appropriate signals to the nervous and endocrine systems. So, you can feel happy and rested at any time, if you do not blame yourself for "soaring in the clouds again."

6. Become more mysterious and attractive

Men bow to a woman's ability to be a little different every day. And is it possible without the habit of imagining yourself a little different? And statistics show that dreamers are more closely watching fashion and love to experiment with appearance. And the main thing: people are attracted to us not by perfect equipment and a flawless body, but by a mysterious mystery that shines through these shells. Noticing it, others receive a signal: it will be interesting! - And I can not cope with curiosity. That's why dreaming like that is not harmful for sure!

7. Adapt to society

It has long been known that the more social roles (age, professional, behavioral) in your arsenal, the brighter and more realized you are. The world of imagination is the easiest way to achieve these qualities. Any society consists of many small worlds. Their diversity is so stunning that the prospect of living life in just one of them is simply depressing. To get a pass in different circles, you must first allow the existence of a system of values ​​and relationships unknown to you, then understand this system and feel in the skin of the inhabitants of this social continent. It is not necessary to put on a miner's helmet or put on a ballerina's tutu. It is enough to be able to present.

8. Get a chance to become popular

It was the fantasies of Paolo Coelho and Daria Dontsova then embodied on paper and became bestsellers. If you're a fan of "serial" fantasies, why not turn them into a book or script? It has long been known that to succeed, you need to work long and hard. But to become a real star, you need to dream of your chance, believe in it, look for and do not miss a happy moment. Dreams, because such dreams are not harmful!

9. Always be young

Youth is a sparkle in your eyes, flexible thinking and faith in a miracle that always stays with you. And aging, according to experts, begins with the loss of essential skills: goal setting, dreaming and wondering. And if you help the touching psyche to master them again, age-related changes will return. But it is much easier not to lose touch with the world of fantasy than to restore it. So dream of health! Dreaming is not harmful!
And finally - a few tips on how to dream properly

Only positive thinking!

"I'm definitely sick", "not a minute of scandal" - also dreams, but with a minus sign. In paints, imagining a scandal with a loved one, you tune in to the troubles that will not be realized. By the way, negative thoughts are realized faster. Why? Therefore, why is it easier to fall off a slide than to climb it. And getting rid of obsessions is easy. Create a conditioned reflex with a regular eraser. Put a thin rubber band on your left wrist and every time you start to load, pull it and click on your hand - realizing the connection between pain and negative thoughts, your brain will block them.

Draw pictures

The brighter you imagine the desired, the greater the chance of its realization. Think clearly about how to act, what to say and do. For example, I draw the scene of the desired reconciliation in such detail that when I meet the "object" I simply follow this plan. And if we are not talking about the realization of a dream yet, visualization enhances the positive effect of the inventing session. Learn to dream correctly!

Became a real timeline

You have few trips to the land of dreams, would you like to meet your dream in the real world? Then, in addition to a clear implementation plan, you will need a schedule. Of course, if you set a goal to lose seven kilograms and get a job as a top manager at Toyota in a week, you will only get a severe disorder. But in a year and a half you can have time. Check the schedule and, if you reach the intermediate goals earlier, approach the end date.

Don't get hung up

Dreams help to live, but you should not become a slave to fantasy. The imaginary world is good because it has no rigid framework. When you are delighted with a dream, wanting it to come true, do not suffer from unrealization, but enjoy the game of imagination. This is a fantasy, not a mania.

Dream correctly, because dreaming is not harmful!