Why are wishes not fulfilled?

All people without exception want to be healthy and happy. Often we wish each other health and happiness on birthdays and holidays. Health is less and less clear, but everyone has a slightly different idea of happiness. Everyone needs something of their own, but on closer examination, the concept of happiness fits into the standard three: to be rich, beautiful, loved.

Why then do absolutely happy people not meet often? Maybe the reason is that we all want the same thing, so not everyone has enough money, no beauty, no love. Or maybe we don't want it strongly enough and not at all, but we don't suspect it. The site for women offers to understand why desires are not fulfilled in order to correct the situation and realize their chance for happiness.

1. Clarity of the route. In order to get from point A to point B, you must first determine where you are and where you want to get. To do this, you need to analyze real life and clearly define what you have and what exactly you lack. If you want to have a new apartment today, a car tomorrow, and a trip around the world tomorrow, nothing will change in your life. There must be a clear plan, a specific goal, one top to climb, without scattering energy in all directions.

2. Other people's desires. Remember how when choosing a new blouse, you first try on super-fashionable models, then similar to those you saw on celebrities in the last show, then - as a friend, but not all that. And finally, despairing, you try on a blouse that you did not pay attention to, and you feel that it is yours. One of the reasons why desires are not fulfilled is other people's desires. Under the influence of public opinion, we strive for standard happiness: an apartment, a car, a cottage, a career, a family, although in reality we need something completely different. Spending energy and energy to achieve the desires of others, you have no time to fulfill their own.

3. Lack of faith. Too many people do not even begin to storm the top of their desire, believing in advance that it will not be conquered. "It's not with my happiness," "It's impossible in this country," "It's useless to do something with such power," are just a few examples of why desires are not fulfilled. There is no perfect path to success. You will always have to overcome obstacles, not these, but others. Adhering to such beliefs, you block the way, do not allow the brain to find a way out. Replace negative statements with constructive questions and see how your life changes. "What needs to be done under the current government?", "What to change at work to achieve the desired. Maybe work? ». If you can't change the conditions, you can change your attitude towards them. Always focus on those who have succeeded, not on those who have been defeated. If at least one person has managed to achieve what you dream of, then it is on your shoulders. Do you need external sources of faith? Then look for the horoscope for 2012 of the Dragon according to your zodiac sign and focus on it. Just pay attention to the positive events that can inspire you.

4. Correct wording. Another reason why desires are not fulfilled is the vague formulation of the goal, when you do not know what you want or do not want. For example, you just need to spend some time alone with yourself. Otherwise you become irritable and dissatisfied. You dream of renting an apartment and living separately, but there are no extra funds. You think hard about where to get money. In fact, you don't always have to be alone. By formulating the goal correctly, you get more options to achieve the desired. More often go out of town alone, go to a boarding house for the weekend, look for other ways to meet the need for solitude. Most likely, you will not need a separate apartment, and the feeling of happiness will increase.

5. Hidden desires. Another group of reasons why desires are not fulfilled are hidden desires. I want to lose a few pounds of excess weight. To do this, you dream of buying a season ticket to a sports club, but there are many problems: rush to work, a child who has no one to leave, lack of money, sports uniforms and more. In fact, your hidden desire is not to change anything, because it is much more comfortable to spend an evening watching TV with a sandwich. Nothing changes.

The list of reasons why desires are not fulfilled can go on and on. But it is better to learn one axiom: sooner or later a person gets what he wants most. Wishes do not come true - look for the reason in yourself.