How to deal with laziness?

Laziness is called the engine of progress. But for most people, it is a factor that hinders development, both professional and private. And progress is driven not so much by laziness as by the desire to increase productivity. Destructive, inhibiting the development of laziness must be combated.

What is laziness

To successfully fight laziness, you need to understand what it is and where it comes from. Explanatory dictionaries define laziness as the unwillingness to do some work. The most common causes of this condition are:

1. Lack of motivation. The person does not understand why he needs to do some work, or is sure in advance that his actions will be in vain.

2. Lack of personal interest. The conflict of "must" and "want". That is, a person is forced to perform work that was imposed on him by others and that does not meet his personal desires.

3. Fear of failure. A person is afraid to take a job because he is not sure if he will be able to do it properly. As a result - a long delay in starting work, a state in which it is impossible to take up the case, and do not want to perform other tasks, because it is more important.

4. Habit. Which of us parents did not blame the childhood laziness? In adulthood, some managed to disprove the label attached, while others continue to consider themselves lazy and lazy in the habit, not even wanting to prepare congratulations on February 23 to their husbands

5. Fatigue. The body's resources are not limitless. If you do not provide proper rest, laziness can appear as a protective mechanism.

How to deal with laziness?

Understanding the mechanisms of laziness, you can determine the cause, its origin, and eliminate. But it doesn't always help. For example, in the conflict "must" and "want". How to deal with laziness, which prevents you from making a report, if there is no personal interest and will not be? In such cases, the following techniques are effective:

1. Organizing yourself and your workspace. Lin is an amorphous state. She doesn't like order. Start by cleaning your desktop. Get yourself in order. Even if you work from home, make a good day make-up, change into a suit. In themselves, these classes are enjoyable, so you do not have to strain your willpower to perform them. Arranging will not only create a working atmosphere, but will be the first step in overcoming laziness. But the hardest thing in any job is to start.

2. Find at least ten reasons why you need to do some work. First, it activates the brain. Secondly, maybe you will still find personal interest, and you will not have to fight laziness, the work will boil without any effort on your part.

3. Promise yourself a reward for the task. In our souls we all remain children. Therefore, the scheme "good work - candy as a reward" is quite effective.

4. Draw a plan for the work you are too lazy to do. When you see a clear algorithm before your eyes, it is much easier to get to work. Even the most difficult task, if you break it into small steps, becomes easy. This strategy is especially effective if you have had to deal with laziness provoked by fear of failure.

5. Protect yourself from distractions. Turn off your mobile phone and icq, close social networking sites and news feeds, and put away movie discs. These resources consume the lion's share of time, bringing almost no benefit.

6. If you have already made many unsuccessful attempts to combat laziness, try to switch. Take on any other task that you enjoy doing. It is important that this was not idleness, but some useful work. Even if a person is in an extremely lazy state, he can probably be "seduced" by something. Switching will distract from the amorphous mood. And the pleasure of the work done, even if it was not the most relevant at the moment, will inspire further work achievements.