Tea with milk for weight loss

Tea with milk is famous for its "slimming" properties - you drink tea and lose weight at the same time. By and large, it does not matter which tea to drink - black, green or floral, with different additives. The main thing is that the tea was with milk.

Green tea is considered to be more useful, so today we will talk about these teas with milk for weight loss. Get ready: recipes and reviews are waiting for you to lose weight with tea and milk!

What is useful tea with milk for weight loss

This drink is famous for allowing you to lose weight. After all, green tea even in itself enhances metabolic processes and accelerates the excretion of fat from the body. Just 2-3 cups a day and lose weight will be much easier. In addition, daily consumption of green tea can raise the tone and improve the overall condition of the body.
In addition, green tea helps remove heavy metal salts and other toxins.

Tea with milk for weight loss is recommended to drink freshly brewed, as long as it retains all the useful properties. It is also recommended to brew no more than 2 times one brew. At repeated brewing 50% of vitamins and microelements are already lost, and at the third they remain no more than 20%.

To lose weight, it is recommended to drink at least 2-3 cups of green tea with milk daily. This drink helps to cope with increased appetite and promotes better digestion and digestion.

Tea with milk for weight loss - recipes

1 recipe. 1.5 liters of skim milk heat to boiling (do not boil !!), Put 2 tablespoons of green tea and infuse for 5-10 minutes, depending on which fortress you like to drink. Then strain the composition, pour into a thermos and use the resulting tea with milk for weight loss during the unloading day.

2 recipes. This tea with milk for weight loss is brewed in the usual way. The infusion is filled with boiling water, and after a few minutes, when the tea is brewed, milk is added to it in an equal ratio with water. The tea is filtered, put on low heat and simmer for 5 minutes, then ready to drink.

3 recipe. There is another version of tea with milk for weight loss. However, it is most often used not alone, but during a diet as a means of enhancing metabolism and excretory organs. Pour half a cup of tea into half a glass of hot milk - and tea with milk for weight loss is ready. But it should be drunk separately, for example, in between meals.

Tip: The maximum effect of tea with milk for weight loss has if you drink it warm, not hot or cold.