Rice diet for weight loss

Rice is an extremely common plant. Wild cereals grow on all continents except Europe, and are the basis of nutrition for half the world's population.

78% of rice consists of complex carbohydrates that provide the body with energy. Consumption of rice in large quantities can reduce the amount of sugar and fat without compromising efficiency. Rice contains B vitamins, vitamins PP and E, minerals. In the line of 7-8% protein. It contains eight amino acids that the body uses to build new cells.

Useful properties of rice can be listed endlessly. Rice contains almost no salt. Due to the high content of potassium neutralizes the action of salt that enters the body with other foods. Has the ability to absorb toxins and remove them from the body (by the way, if you include rice in salads for the new year 2013, it will be very useful). Unlike other cereals, rice does not contain gluten (vegetable protein), which causes an allergic reaction in some people.

Rice is a dietary product. Rice diet for weight loss allows you to not only lose weight, but also cleanse the body. Another advantage of rice diets is their variety. Everyone can choose an option for themselves. Here are just some of their varieties.

Tight three-day diet

This is the toughest rice diet for weight loss. Allows you to lose weight quickly. To do this, cook without salt and without spices 1 cup of raw rice and eat it during the day. You can eat rice in small equal portions or in one go.

During the diet you are allowed to drink apple or orange juice, or eat 2-3 sour apples, but it is best to limit yourself to clean still water or green tea. It is better to drink 20 minutes before eating or 3-4 hours after eating rice.

Warning! Repeat no more than once a month.

Gentle diet for seven days

A very diverse rice diet for weight loss for those who do not tolerate monodiet. No more than 0.5 kg of rice is boiled per day. Each meal includes a portion of rice with added vegetables or fruits. The amount of additives should not exceed a serving of rice. In addition, you can eat 0.5 kg of fruit, drink natural diluted juices without sugar, still water and green tea without sugar. Drink better in 20-30 minutes. before or an hour after a meal.

Another seven-day diet may include fish and lean meats. In this case, you have to eat alternately, one meal - rice with vegetables, the next - fish or meat with vegetables. Mixing rice and fish (meat) is not recommended. The daily portion of rice should be halved, replacing it with the same amount of fish or meat.

Warning! Repeat no earlier than 2 weeks.

Cleansing the body in two weeks

This rice diet for weight loss is suitable for those who want to first cleanse the body of toxins, and at the same time lose a few pounds.

It is necessary to take 5 small containers (glass, jar). In each of them put 2 tablespoons of raceme, preferably whole brown. Pour clean water and place in a cool dark place. The bottom shelf of the refrigerator is ideal. Rice should be washed and changed every day. On the fifth day, rice is boiled and eaten. You can eat rice raw. Raw rice is characterized by an anthelmintic effect.

In the vacated container, pour the next 2 tablespoons of rice and put at the end of the "ranks". Breakfast for rice, standing in water for 4 days, should be for two weeks. The next meal or drink - no earlier than 4 hours. Therefore, half an hour before breakfast it is recommended to drink a glass of green tea. This rice diet for weight loss removes excess salt and water. A person loses weight without losing muscle mass.

There are no dietary restrictions during the diet. However, in order for rice to remove salt deposits in the body and not re-enter the "poisons", it is necessary to reduce or eliminate from the diet during the diet salt, alcohol, sour and spicy.

Warning! There are no contraindications to this diet. It is recommended to repeat every six months.

Any rice diet for weight loss is more effective if you use raw rice. It has more B vitamins and fiber.

Choose your option and excellent results for you!