Smoothies-diet. Liquid food for weight loss

Many women who managed to successfully say goodbye to extra pounds, followed a special diet strip for weight loss. A good example is the slender Angelina Jolie.

Basic principles of smoothie-diet

Smoothie diet for weight loss is the use of puree soups, protein shakes and smoothies themselves. If the first two products are known to almost everyone, the last word "smoothie" is surprising to many women.

What is it?

The name "smoothie" (originally - "smoothie") hides fruit and vegetable cocktails prepared in a blender based on milk, yogurt, yogurt, fruits or vegetables with the addition of ice cubes. Smoothie diet for weight loss includes several principles:

1. It is desirable that the "crunchy cocktail" replaced any other meals.

2. To prepare the strip, use a special blender, the body of which can withstand hard ice. An ordinary blender will lose its appearance very quickly under such conditions.

3. It is recommended to eat or drink the strips some time after cooking so that the ground pieces of ice have time to melt.

4. Eat fruit smoothies for breakfast, and for lunch and dinner - smoothies with vegetables and cereals.

5. Strips should not contain sugar.

Many fast diets are based on the menu bar.

Classic smoothie recipes

Smoothie diet for weight loss includes many recipes, but the following is a fruit cocktail: in a blender grind a glass of ice cubes, one apple with a pre-cut core, two oranges that can not be peeled, and half a glass of low-fat kefir or skim milk. yogurt, does not contain additives. When the ice turns into crumbs, the strips are poured into tall glasses and cinnamon, vanilla or fresh mint is added.

In vegetable strips, fruits are replaced by celery, carrots, spinach, cabbage, beets, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkin. Such cocktails are seasoned with spicy herbs. Diuretic parsley is especially useful for those who are losing weight.

Ordinary ice can be replaced with herbal infusions or fresh-frozen berries and vegetables. If you want to normalize bowel function, add plums or prunes to the fruit strip.

If you alternate unloading days and diet strips, from time to time returning to a normal diet, you can lose weight naturally and stably.

Tips for those who want to lose weight

If you decide to try a smoothie diet for weight loss, try to follow a few rules:

1. You can use puree soup instead of smoothie at lunch.

2. Do not eliminate protein from your diet. Lean meat, chicken and fish will not harm your figure.

3. Eat the strip with a small dessert spoon or drink slowly through a straw - this will lead to rapid satiety.

4. One serving of cocktail should not exceed 500 ml.

5. Be careful when choosing products for a cocktail. Bananas with grated chocolate, whipped cream and chopped nuts look appetizing, but do not contribute to weight loss, rather the opposite: on this "diet" you will gain a couple of extra pounds. In principle, everything that includes proper nutrition can be used as a basis for a smoothie.

By following all the rules of the diet strip for weight loss, you will be able to lose three pounds of excess weight each week. This diet belongs to the category of fast, but do not forget about the effectiveness of exercise. Even if you manage to lose weight, sagging muscles are unlikely to beautify your figure, so a diet without exercise, as a rule, does not bring the desired result.