Popular unloading days for weight loss

Ever wondered why there are so many diets? Because they are not effective. If at least one diet solved the problem of overweight, the problem would not exist.

What diet the body perceives as a shock. Therefore, after the end of this very quickly gains weight, and even with a margin.

Proper weight loss is a change in the principles of nutrition to healthy and rational. If proper nutrition seems problematic or boring, unloading days to lose weight is what you need!


For those who love apples and do not suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially high stomach acidity, apple unloading is perfect.

Apples are not only a source of vitamins (C, B1, B2, P, E) and trace elements (potassium, iron). They have a lot of carotene and fiber, which are actively involved in the processes of cleansing the body.

On apple unloading days to lose weight you will have to eat only apples all day. You will need 1.5 kg of fruit, which must be divided into 5-6 receptions. A third of apples are best eaten baked. When they are treated, the amount of pectin, which is one of the best adsorbents, increases.

In addition, it is recommended to drink up to 5 glasses of fresh apple juice or compote without sugar.


The most popular unloading days are with kefir. Kefir monodiet is quite easily tolerated, you will not feel a painful feeling of hunger. In addition to losing weight, kefir activates digestion, suppresses putrefaction in the body, relieves heaviness in the stomach, accelerates cleansing processes. And sour milk products improve the condition of the skin and neutralize the manifestation of allergies.

You will need 1.5 liters of kefir (sour) per day, which should be drunk in 5-6 doses. When choosing kefir should take into account the date of its production. Very fresh kefir (day after production) increases gas formation, has a laxative effect. The drink, which stood for three days, promotes constipation.

For people who do not tolerate dairy products, it is better to arrange unloading days for weight loss based on other products.


Meat unloading day is the most "satiated". The body is given the opportunity to replenish protein reserves. Eating meat without carbohydrates increases its digestibility. Improves metabolism, intensifies the activity of fat-destroying enzymes.

Contraindications: kidney disease, liver disease, vascular problems.

You will need 400 g of boiled lean unsalted (!) Beef per day. Meat is taken in 4-5 doses of 80-100 g with vegetable garnish: cucumbers, cabbage, radish, tomatoes.

Buckwheat or rice

Buckwheat is rich in nutrients and trace elements. In combination with kefir, which can be consumed on a buckwheat unloading day, it acts like a brush, improves intestinal motility and cleanses the body of toxins.

Buckwheat porridge for unloading day is not boiled, but steamed with boiling water at night. You will need 1 cup of cereal. Salt and fat are not added. Porridge is eaten in three doses. It is washed down with 1% kefir (no more than 1 liter). The last meal - 4-6 hours before bedtime.

Rice cleanses the lymph, removes excess water, gets rid of toxins.

A glass of rice is poured boiling water and boiled for 1 minute. Then the water is drained, add 2 cups of water, then boil in the usual way until ready. Eat in three portions. You can drink green tea or water.

Here are the most popular unloading days. In fact, they are, like diets, many. Search, experiment. One unloading day a week helps to improve well-being, gradually lose weight and not return to the problem of weight loss.