Diet for the abdomen and waist

If someone ever invents a diet that will be a panacea for excess weight, he will become the greatest and most famous person on earth at all times. Modern diets are so diverse and sometimes unexpected that the imagination of people who want to lose weight does not cease to amaze. If you are overweight, then first of all you are probably interested in a diet for the abdomen and waist. It is in this part of the body that fat accumulates in the first place, and getting rid of it is the most difficult. About what can be a diet for the abdomen and waist.

Diet by blood type

Blood type № 1. If you have the first blood type, you are not recommended to eat corn, any wheat products, spicy sauces and marinades. Foods such as beef and chicken, sweet fruits, seafood, any vegetables, buckwheat are welcome.

Blood group № 2. Any meat, muffins and pastries, vegetable oil, sweet dairy desserts are harmful to those with the second blood group. Of course, you loved cakes to order, but you have to endure some time for the sake of a slender figure. Bread is better instead of cakes. Dietary. And in small quantities. As well as useful fruits and vegetables in any quantity, dairy products, cereals in reasonable quantities.

Blood group № 3. For members of this blood group, the diet for the abdomen and sides should be based on the exclusion from the diet of meat other than beef, shrimp and crabs. Saturate your diet with fruits and vegetables, milk and dairy products, eggs and cereals.

Blood type № 4. Diet for the abdomen and waist for those with the fourth blood group, excludes olives and corn, pork and buckwheat porridge. Include fish and poultry, vegetable oil and nuts, cheeses and cheese in your diet.

The diet is unloading

The rules of the unloading diet are simple and ingenious:

  • Eat small portions 5 times a day until 8 pm. After 8 o'clock in the evening you can no longer eat.
  • Drink plenty of water. The volume of fluid per day should be more than two liters. Be sure to drink before meals and half an hour after meals. A glass of water is required at this time. At other times, the fluid entering the body must be varied - tea, plain and mineral water, juices and milk.
  • If in the near future there is a holiday, for example, in nature, and you intend to order an outbound service, re-read the first 2 points. Eat - only a little, drink - as much water as possible. Do not be tempted to try all the dishes at the buffet.
  • This unloading diet for the abdomen and hips will improve your well-being and allow you to lose extra pounds.

Grapefruit diet

This diet for the abdomen and waist is based on the properties of grapefruit to quickly break down fat and prevent its re-formation. The menu can be varied, but every meal should be accompanied by grapefruit. For example, for breakfast you can eat a small piece of lean meat, drink a glass of green tea and the juice of one grapefruit. Your lunch can consist of cheese and grapefruit. Dinner should include tomatoes, chicken and grapefruit. Try to include different foods in your diet, but don't forget about grapefruit.

These few diets will help you cleanse your body and improve your metabolism, which will undoubtedly lead to weight loss. Whatever the diet for the abdomen and hips, it should not harm the body. Therefore, before you stop your choice on a diet, take into account the peculiarities of your health and carefully weigh all the pros and cons of the diet. Do not use the same diet for a long time. If in doubt, consult a nutritionist.