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Cookies are

Cookie - a file of letters and numbers. It is stored on a device that is used to work on the Internet.

Our resources use different types of cookies:

  • Cookies are strictly necessary. These cookies are required for the site to work properly, they allow you to navigate the resource. Files of this type do not identify you as an individual. If you do not agree to use this type of file, it may affect the performance of the website or its components.
  • Cookies related to performance, efficiency and analytics. These files help to understand how visitors interact with the site, providing information about the areas they visited and the amount of time they spent on the site, and they also show problems with the operation of the Internet resource, such as error messages. This helps to improve the site. Analytics cookies also help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize site content for those interested in our advertising. This type of cookie cannot be used to identify you. All information collected and analyzed is anonymous.
  • Functional cookies. These cookies are used to identify users who return to our site. They allow you to individually select the content of the site for you and remember your preferences. If you block this type of file, it may affect the performance and functionality of the website and may restrict access to content on the site.
  • Advertising cookies. These cookies record information about your online activities, including visits to our sites and pages, as well as information about the links and advertisements you have chosen to view. One of our goals is to display the content that is most targeted to you on our websites. Another goal is to provide us and our service providers with the opportunity to provide advertising or other information in a more accurate manner in accordance with
  • your obvious interests.

How long are cookies stored on the device?

Some cookies are valid from the moment you log in to the site until the end of this particular browser session. When the web these files become unnecessary and are automatically deleted. Such cookies are called "session" cookies.

Some cookies are stored on your device and between browser sessions - they are not deleted after you close the browser. Such cookies are called "persistent". The storage time of persistent cookies on the device differs for different cookies.

Who places cookies on my device?

Cookies can be placed on your device by the site administration. These cookies are called "own". Some cookies may be placed on your device by other operators. Such cookies are called "third party" files.

How do I manage cookies?

Most Internet browsers are initially set up to accept cookies automatically. You can change the settings to block cookies or receive notifications when files of this type are sent to the device. There are several ways to manage cookies. Refer to your browser's instructions to learn more about how to adjust or change your browser settings. Disabling cookies can affect your online experience.